Advanced technology. Automated decisioning.

Unlocking financial DNA to power smarter lending.


Through platform lending, your organization can configure highly scalable technology that enables automated onboarding and decisioning, ongoing risk monitoring, rapid product expansion and geographic dispersion with an enhanced customer experience.

Advanced technology

Our configurable financing engine reviews thousands of customer data points automatically to inform accurate underwriting and funding on an ongoing basis.

True automation

Platform lending is defined by a commitment to automation driven by data and technology – from initial decisioning through risk monitoring, payments, communications, servicing and beyond.

Ongoing monitoring

The Kabbage platform continuously monitors customer data to gain an accurate picture of financial health and calculate credit lines throughout the customer lifecycle.

Superior servicing

The platform leverages Kabbages expertise to provide a seamless user experience that can be coupled with our end-to-end customer support.

Proven risk models

Our team brings a rich history of data modeling and will collaborate with your organization to construct a risk model that achieves your business’s goals.


We configure our platform’s automated technology, user experience and servicing to provide a turnkey solution that meets each organization's unique needs.


The Kabbage platform puts the power of automated underwriting to work for your organization. We will work with your team to configure every facet of the platform – from the funding parameters to the user experience – to accomplish your company's goals.

Increased revenue

The Kabbage platform provides ongoing data monitoring, which mitigates risk and drives revenue over time. Faster onboarding for your customers and smarter, more efficient lending lowers costs and increases profitability.

Expanded market

The scalable Kabbage platform allows you to take on new markets while increasing efficiencies with current customers.

Extraordinary customer experience

Kabbage provides a white-glove approach to lending. We provide the best customer support in the market and are backed by a Net Promoter Score of 65 and a five-star TrustPilot rating.

Decreased implementation time

Access Kabbage’s proven technology and ongoing data monitoring without the hassle of hiring developers and building a platform from the ground up. Our teams will work with you to ensure a painless implementation so you can quickly provide your customers with the most technologically advanced lending solution available.

Funding Simplified

Customers complete a simple, online application and and get a decision right away, with funds available to approved customers in as little as minutes.

Funds are disbursed in minutes through the debit network or PayPal and one to three business days via ACH.

Other Lenders: 2 - 30 Business Days

  • Online Application
  • Talk to a Specialist
  • Upload Documents
  • Manual Review
  • Underwriting Decision
  • Take Cash

Kabbage Platform: as few as 10 minutes

  • Short Online Application
  • Automatic Risk Decision
  • Take Cash

Automated Decision Engine

Our platform uses real-time data to gain an accurate picture of financial health and calculate how much funding should be extended.

Current Platform Partners

INGFleetcards USASageSantander

“Having access to working capital is critical for our customers but they have no patience for a cumbersome application process. Kabbage provided us with the ideal platform for delivering capital to our customers under our own brand with a convenient, streamlined user experience. The response has been tremendous - it has been a great addition to our product line.”

SVP, Product and Growth Strategy

Interested in a partnership opportunity?

We pride ourselves on being flexible and easy to work with to meet your business needs. Our team brings deep data and risk expertise to tailor our platform offerings to fit your organization. Whether you're a fully integrated platform partner, an affiliate partner or somewhere in between, we value every partnership as a long-term relationship and will ensure you have the best support and experience.